‘Mind the Gap’ triple j Unearthed Review – Dave Ruby Howe
‘The smooth sax wriggled in and I immediately thought “Sade!”. And then it’s in your sound-alikes, Maya. You’re on it. As silken as the track is there’s also potency with the issue of gender equality at the heart here.’ – Dave Ruby Howe

‘Mind the Gap’ triple j Unearthed Review – Declan Byrne
‘a smoky, soulful, chiller rnb blend from maya!’ Declan Byrne

‘Mind the Gap’ Review – A&R Factory (award winning UK music blog)

‘Sung with a supremely soulful energy which shows her clear frustration, Maya is able to elegantly explain what is on her mind with such incredibly beautiful vocals and smartly-penned lyrics.’ – Llewelyn Screen (A&R Factory)

‘One of those heartfelt anthems that is made with that rare love that is so truthful.’ – Llewelyn Screen (A&R Factory)

‘Dazzling song all about demanding change for the good of the world.’ – Llewelyn Screen (A&R Factory)

‘Maya Rose is at her glorious best on Mind the Gap.’ – Llewelyn Screen (A&R Factory)

‘Mind the Gap’ Interview – Ben Madden
‘Mind The Gap, is a protest song. Starting with a sample of chanting female protestors, it’s a track that transforms the energy that people all over the world have expressed in recent years, turning it into a song that crackles with the energy of fury channelled into music.’ – Ben Madden

‘Mind the Gap’ Review – The Real Songwriters of Melbourne
‘Mind the Gap is an empowering anthem that is lyrically, musically and creatively brilliant.’ – Bradley Henri (The Real Songwriters of Melbourne)

Time – triple j Unearthed Review – Tommy Faith
‘Lovely voice from Maya Rose on this moving record. Throwing back to some classic 90s R&B here!’ – Tommy Faith

Time – Music Video Premiere – scenestr
‘Heavy with eerie piano loops, delectably sparse electronic production and Maya’s haunting vocals, ‘Time’ pounds with a slow-burn of R&B, soul magic that’s sure to catch your attention. Something akin to a Vera Blue-Billie Eilish love child if you need an audio reference.’ – Gareth Bryant (scenestr)

Interview with Forte Magazine
‘Fusing soulful vocals, ballad-driven piano, pounding R&B beats and lively jazz, ‘Time’ encompasses periods of music from yesteryear, from ‘90’s urban R&B to ‘70’s soul.’ – Tammy Walters (Forte Magazine)

‘See You Again’ Single Premiere –
‘Melbourne R&B talent Maya Rose hasproduced a stunning debut single with See You Again’ – TheMusic

‘See You Again’ Music Video Premiere / BTS & Interview – CLIPPED.TV
‘From the very opening shots of this video, hanging champagne flutes and the stylish décor of this cocktail bar, “See You Again” exudes class. However, it’s when Maya Rose makes her first appearance, delivering her words with that trademark sultry restraint, that the tone for the video is truly set.’ – Anth Webster (CLIPPED.TV)

‘See You Again’ triple j Unearthed Review – Declan Byrne
‘contorting and bending my body to this snake charmer.’ – Declan Byrne